Broncos Cupcakes!!!


Broncos cupcakes!!!
horse cupcakes final

These are actually not that hard to make. Bake up some cupcakes - and add food coloring if you want to color them). Other things you will need:


  • Circus peanuts candy in your preferred color - I'm picking the standard orange ones for the Broncos!
  • Frosting in your preferred colors - for me: blue, orange, and a little tube of brown or black for the eyes and nostrils.
  • vanilla wafer cookies (or any other color that suits your project).
  • Some sort of frosting applicator - I use a bag of frosting and a fine cake decorating tip.

Make your cupcakes early - they need to be cool to work well for this project. I am cooking mine the night before. 


First, glue two wafers together on top of each other using a little frosting. Cut them as shown below to make the neck of the horse. Don't throw away your spare wafer bits, you will need some of them later!


horse cupcake necks


 Next we are going to stick the Circus Peanut heads onto the necks. Stick the thin end of the neck onto one end of the bottom of a circus peanut. Use frosting as glue (I wish I'd colored my frosting for this). Let the frosting set well on the heads and necks for a while and move on to your cupcakes.


horse cupcake necks and heads

Cut a hole in each of your cupcakes like so:

horse cupcakes bases

To make it more easy to frost the cupcakes, I cut the hole and then frosted the cupcakes right over the hole. This will help to glue in the wafer-horse-necks.


Insert the thick (non-head) end of the wafer through the frosting into the hole, with the head facing down a little to form a nice sloping neck.


Now it's time to decorate the head.


horse cupcakes final

Use a very sharp knife to cut tiny triangles for ears. Stick them on the top of the head above where it joins the neck.


Take your "mane" frosting (blue in this case - Go Broncos!). I put it in a bag with a decorating tip for this. Pipe it on between the ears for the fringe of the mane, and then all the way down the back of the neck for the mane.


Two dots of black or brown for eyes, and two more for nostrils, and you're all done!



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horse cupcake necks and heads
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