The Quiet Legions

Yesterday a kid in a local school went into the cafeteria, drank some bleach and set himself on fire. Amazingly he's still alive, and in care for severe burns over 80% of his body.


To be honest, I kind of hope for his sake that he doesn't live. Because if he was struggling so much before, now will be even harder. But that's just me, the way I think. I hope whichever way he wants to go - life or death - he gets to go that way now.


Why I'm thinking about it is the article online which a friend of mine drew attention to today. Such horrible cruelty in the comments, but among them, this marvelous comment which I want to preserve to be able to look at later:


"If you are feeling like this young man was, please realize for every loud mouthed, dark hearted jerk who bullies or taunts you there are thousands who care what you are going through. Sadly, we are usually quietly going along with our lives and sometimes we are blind to your pain. It's not because we don't care. We're busy working and scraping by and keeping our own pins up in the air. But, oh, how that fails you! And then one of you does the unthinkable and we're transfixed again by the fact that the world is still cruel and we haven't made you the priority you DESERVE to be and the ones of us who know how to feel pain share yours. The ones who'll be that loud, constant voice in your head are the ones who revel in making your pain visible, while they mask theirs behind their evil, snarky, twisted words and deeds. But please be srrong! Remember there are legions of us quietly (oh, too quietly) rooting for you. When I was young I was an incest survivor. The kids at school knew I was different and I was bullied. I didn't know what to be. I only knew what NOT to be. And now, in my 50s, I choose to be kind. I choose to ignore hate. I choose to believe in you. If you are reading this thread and feel cut by the remarks of the bullies please remember the quiet legions who DO care about you."


Thank you for saying that, Paisley Print. Your words meant the world to me today.

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