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Alrighty - why have I a new funky font for my title? Will it show up on the post, I wonder?


Anyhow, I'm checking in on who is still reading here, even though I haven't been writing much lately. So if you want to continue reading anything that isn't just purely public (which this entry is) - can you just give me a quick hoy here via comment or message?

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Youuuuu bastid!!!

It's snowing. Again.

Haven't we had enough!!!! Haven't.... we.... had... ENOUGHHHHH!!!!
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She: "There's no way I could have gone back to work today. That post surgery instruction leaflet was meant for twenty year olds, not nearly-sixty year olds."

He: "You shoulda picked up three leaflets then!"

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Last Thursday I rescued an opossum.

Weez was taking me for a walk in the woods (on his cute little leopard print harness and matching lead!) and I was wandering where ever he took me with my camera in hand.

Then he just stopped dead. He does this sometimes, so I didn't pay much attention ... until he didn't get moving again.

A few meters away in the woods there was an opossum laying in the leaves. I took this little video while I had a think about what I wanted to do.

Anyhow, once I saw he was breathing and shivering, I had to rescue him - I took Weez back inside and got one of our pet carriers, a towel and some heavy duty gloves, grabbed him by the tail and put him in the carrier. He grimaced as I did so, but wasn't at all aggressive. What bothered me was that in the next half an hour he didn't even try to turn himself over. He just lay in the awkward pose I had placed him in.

I called a wildlife rescue place near my work (after looking it up on the internet) and went in to work early for them to pick him up. He still had hardly moved. They said he probably had been hit on the road and had internal injuries.

I didn't hold up much hope for him - but today they rang and said he's still alive! He's not eating much, and he's still playing dead for most of the day (DUH!!! He was "Playing Possum!!" - that's why he wasn't moving - I've heard of it before, but never seen it). If he lives another couple of weeks they'll see if they can release him before it gets too cold, or maybe he'll get to stay with them for the winter and come back to us in spring.

Anyhow, I'm very happy. I wonder if it was the same little guy who visited us last spring and kept climbing up the outside of our ferret pen?
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