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This week - some of the places I've been featured online, I haven't done this for a while. I'm trying to insert the images and link them directly to the places I've been featured. Fingers crossed that it works.


in a purple dream


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in a purple dream
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Not that I'm unhappy about it, but I've sold three photographs this weekend, and not all from my bargain-bin-studio-de-stash sale, either.

What the...? That makes a total of twelve sales since Christmas. This time of year ALWAYS passes with perhaps a rare sale or two... nah, never as many as two sales before April or so.

Beelicious - thumbthe duck of dawn thumbnail

Newt cra051t10
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frozen in time for just this moment
Frozen in Time for just this Moment.

Ice is nice
Ice is Nice

thinking of spring
Thinking of Spring

beachy keen
Beachy Keen

I also featured in the Oddball Alphabet (seems appropriate!) on the Kid Independent website under the letter V for veterinarian!
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Places my photography has been featured online this week. Grab your self a cuppa and settle in - the Treasuries and Collections are really hopping as the Silly Selling Season gets rolling. Click on the links to see these Treasuries etc in their natural habitat:

First Frost:

First Frost

Mauve Over:

Mauve Over

Lights for Autumn Nights:

Lights for Autumn Nights

Hog Heaven:

Hog Heaven

Positive Energy and Love:

Positive Energy

Curious Wiccan:

Curious Wiccan

Grab Some Bubbly:

Grab Some Bubbly

Snowstorm Blues:

Snowstorm Blues

Laugh Out Loud:

Laugh Out Loud

Winter Wonders:

Winter Wonders

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103110 treasury

Oooh, I love the subtle browns of this one. It's perfect for this season.

103110 collection

My first Artfire Collection since I got my store there up and running. Click here to see this Collection!

Professor Plum with the Lead Pipe
Professor Plum with the lead pipe

Frozen in Time

Frozen in Time:

Six Legged Winged treasures
Six Legged Winged Treasures:

Friday Blues
Friday Blues:

I love Red and Charcoal
I Love Red and Charcoal:

Dreaming of a White Christmas
Dreaming of a White Christmas:
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102210 treasury2

Ah yes, the ubiquitous "Favorite Things" Treasury...

102310 treasury2

I LOVE this Treasury! What a great color combination! 

102410 Treasury

I love all the pale blues in this one. You can see it here.

102410 Treasury2
Baby Animals!!

103010 treasury

Mmmmhmmm... autumn leaves.
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I've decided to do Treasuries and features for the week rather than daily. It makes this a huge post, but probably stops people from yawning themselves to death every day when they see a new Treasury listing from me.

Let me know what you think - I've been in a lot of Treasuries in one week. Is this just too overwhelming, or is it fun to look at them all at once (or be able to ignore them all at once!)?

101610 Treasury2
You can peruse this Treasury more closely here.

101610 Treasury1

Check out this Treasury here.

101710 Treasury

You can view this (utterly stunning Treasury that I hope makes the front page) here.

101910 Treasury
You can see this sorry lot of pooches here.

102110 collection

Halloween - not for the Arachnophobic!

102010 Treasury3


102010 Treasury2


102010 Treasury1

Rainy Day
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Here are the latest Treasuries I've featured in. As Rosemary noted, I get into quite a few, that's because people generally select Treasuries by color theme, or subject theme or both, and I have a lot of great photos that cover a lot of territory in both categories. Also, there can be quite a few Treasuries going at any given time, so it's not so unusual to get into two at a time.

100810 Treasury2

To see this full Treasury, click here.

100810 Treasury1
To see this full Treasury, click here.
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