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Turn your volume up - apparently I'm even more cute at the end of the vid than the weezel is!!


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... As demonstrated when I turn on my treadmill.


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"This mat has been adequately laundered."


IMG_7128 quality control weezel

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IMG_7128 quality control weezel
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t'chups and gigi th


With the arrival of spring, T'Chups and Gigi decided they were ... um.. hooking up. Weez isn't being left out, but it's T'Chups whose advances have been accepted by Gigi-Bean. Basically it means he spends a lot of time dragging her around by the neck and faux-humping her (they're all neutered). I'll try and get some video... would that make me a ferret pornographer???

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Weez has "looking pathetically needy" down to a fine art.

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It must be Love.


it must be love

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Either she has great blankets, or she's just at the bottom of the heap!

a sleeping situation
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I wish my eyes were cameras sometimes.

I just heard a rustle in the kitchen pantry. Went in to see which weezel was exploring in there. If it's T'Chups, he'll climb to any shelf in there and cause havoc and steal things. Weez and Gigi tend to stay at ground level and gorge themselves on the cheap cat food I occasionally dole out to the foxes.

I look in the pantry to this adorable sight: Weez is standing on his hind legs with his front paws propped up on a large rectangular can of olive oil.

He has a tea bag squarely on his head, with the string and tag hanging down the side of his face. For all the world looking just like a graduate in a tea bag mortar board hat.

I think I shall start calling him Professor Weez.
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Emjay noted that this picture of Gigi looked rather as if she had a shell on her back. It made me think:

[Snail photo not mine - image sourced from here.]
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Gigi likes to unmake the bed.

We generally sleep in the living room in winter. Near the fire. In the early morning Gigi likes to crawl gently over and around our heads to wake us up so we'll come and give her breakfast - or just to play.

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Bobblehead is our latest nickname for Gigi. Ferrets are uncannily flexible and excellent contortionists. Gigi is exceptional even among ferrets. This doesn't do her talent justice, but it's still a good example of the freakish things she does with that bobble head every day. In case you need an explanation - this is her climbed all the way to the top of their outdoor cage (not much of a climb now that there is over three feet of snow in there) and looking back through the window.


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Last night I installed a second exit to the new Weezel Box. The first one is having a few issues:

Three in a Tube #1

Three in a Tube #2'
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"Which book didya wanna read, Weez? Ohhh, that one!!!"

(yes, this video is running at 2x the normal speed, just to fit all the action in - I should slow down the true comedic moment between T'chups and Weez, tho.)
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"Weez is my bestest buddy!"
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Things are going much better integrating Gigi in to our little ferret family. She's a screamer, though. She's like the little sister who you threaten to beat, and suddenly she's screaming her lungs out "He's beating me! HE'S BEATING MEEEEEEEEE!"

Which isn't to say there hasn't been some beating. Weez is still definitely having a go at her. Chups is spending more time just throwing his weight around and not actually biting her, which is good - it helps to establish dominance without hurting her.

You'd not know he wasn't hurting her - when you hear her scream. lol. My little "shhh" sounds in this movie are a little on the involuntary side - I was trying to get a shot of Chups new "hold" move on Gigi, but I was hoping her screaming wouldn't wake Papa. Ooops, it did.

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This would be my excuse:

Gigi has decided to sleep in my lap tonight, gradually spilling out of my grey sweatshirt and onto my 'jammies. (she's got black eyes, it's just a case of red eye from the flash here).

gigi lap

The Boys have taken over the hammock in her cage. I took this first shot while cuddling Gigi, so I didn't have a great choice of angles. But - those are Weez's feet and tail hanging out of the cage, then he twists his body around (180 degrees by the time I took the second photo) - that's his head emerging from underneath Chups, who is laying on his belly right over Weez. The other brown stuff is the fake fur sleep sack I sewed for Weez when he was a baby.

boyz in da cage

Gigi just got up and went to her tube beside the fridge to sleep, so I got a second shot of The Boys:

the boyz

I can't wait until the boys will let Gigi in with them, so we have a pile of Three.
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Weez just crawled in with Gigi and DIDN'T bite her and DID go to sleep with her. Albeit just for a ten minute nap... but it didn't start or end with a brawl.

My Love is delighted. As am I - at them, and at his delight.

Of course there's still going to be some biffo, but ... it's the beginning of good things. Phew!
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Gigi on green
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First time sleeping as three

They sleep slept together tonight. Only because their papa put the effort into it. First Gigi went to sleep in her box in the bottom of her cage. Then Weez went in to nom on her a little, and Papa held his mouth so he couldn't, and encouraged him to curl up instead. That mission accomplished, he went on to achieve the same with T'chups!! One blissful half an hour of together time!

I'm crazily awake right now. New parent syndrome - I was up at three am with Gigi and now she's happily sleeping and I'm contemplating making coffee and just not going back to bed. Gigi has worked out the pet door, and when I let her out of her cage tonight she kept popping out there, ducking down the tube to wake up Chups, and then he'd chase her around the 16 x 6" outdoor pen until he caught her, at which point the beating would commence. In the meantime I'd be slowly putting my shoes on and keeping my eye on my Love as he lay sleeping on the futon, hoping the racket Gigi was raising wouldn't wake him.

See I think a bit of a beating is important for all ferrets involved at this time. Chups and Weez need to know they're boss, and so does she. As long as she's not being injured, I don't mind. I've been through this dozens of times in my years of ferret rescue, they'll all be buddies soon enough.

The Boys bite her on the back of the neck, a classic pseudo-sexual domination thing. She doesn't even have broken skin there yet, though you wouldn't know it from the way she screams. The fourth time I went out to collect her from the cage tonight she was holed up screaming like Chups was killing her, and when I looked in the tube she kept screaming... but he was at least a foot away from her. Poser!!
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in the leaves - 8x10
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