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He wants a yeti.

She wants Elvis.


I'm making the cake for their joint birthday party.




... the Yeti Elvis-Impersonator Cake!!!


elvis yeti cake

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elvis yeti cake
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doodle sketch

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insert profound name here


I finished my doodle tonight. Not a good photograph, but you get the idea.


It's fun to be drawing again.

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Emjay noted that this picture of Gigi looked rather as if she had a shell on her back. It made me think:

[Snail photo not mine - image sourced from here.]
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Twisted Tree doodle 9 x 12 in [thumb)

As with any of my doodles, if anyone wants this, just let me know. I can't keep the stack of these that I have around the house. I'd rather let them fly and be free.
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I had some fun sorting through my photos of fire. I love this one because of the contrast between the flames and the summer green of the trees, and because of the heat distortion of the greenery.

flower collage

This flower reminds me there's a project I'd love to revisit. It involves taking multiple photographs (and multiple exposures) of pieces of a subject and stitching them back together into a whole. I quite like the interesting effect.
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I got up this morning to work on my photo project of the day - and got distracted instead into editing another animated kaleidoscope. Apologies to my YouTube followers who got subjected to three uploads of this as I worked on getting it right.

I did one of these about a year ago. It took me about six hours to do. This one I automated some of the process, and it took me about an hour and a half while chatting to a friend.

Here's the one from last year: Toadiscope!

I need to work on some composing to get some music onto these!!
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Last week I broke out the Sharpies and Prismacolors and started doodling again. Here's my first "artwork".

Doodle for the Coming Year 1-1-2011

I really don't envy artists who sell their work online. The colors here are pretty close, to the original, but the rust-brown is a tad too orange and the burgundy areas are a little less smooth than in the original. Oh well.
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