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DSCF1730 snow squirrel 5x7thumb
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I'm in some particularly lovely Etsy Treasuries this week. Click on the text above each Treasury to be taken to its online location. There are a few repeats of my photographs that appear in multiple Treasuries typically around this time of year - especially those around themes of Fall or Halloween.




101313 LOVE 101313


 The End of Autumn:



Slate and Teal:


slate and teal


Taking Flight:


taking flight


Dark Night of the Soul:

 dark night of the soul





lady black



lady black

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Blue Lake, in Colorado's Indian Peaks wilderness, is one of my favorite hiking destinations. It was first introduced to me by my friend Anne - we met at a meetup group, her agenda was to find a hiking buddy, and this was one of the first hikes we went on!


This is a moderate hike, especially hard on the lungs if you don't live at a high elevation. It starts at the Mitchell Lake trail head in the Brainard Lake recreation area at 10,480 feet in elevation. Get to the trail head early, as especially on weekends the trail head parking lot is full by as early as eight or nine am. On weekends now they have staff redirecting people to the main parking lot down near Brainard Lake, which will add over a mile each way to your hike to and from the car. There are some indications a shuttle service may start in the future. On weekdays it can be worth waiting in the parking lot if you get there at around ten or eleven, and grabbing a spot as early hikers return.


IMG_9481ethThe first mile of the trail is to Mitchell Lake. I asked poor Paul to get up at four am for the nearly two hour drive from Denver. We arrived at Mitchell Lake just as the sunshine was climbing down the mountainside to touch the lake.


IMG_9498ethFrom there the trail gets a lot more rocky and steep, though the trail levels out a little once you get up the ridge above the lake.











The trail takes you two and a half miles one way, with extra distance you can walk along the lake shore and on the steep slopes above the lake if you wish (there is a smaller lake above on an unmaintained trail called "Little Blue Lake". The lake itself is at 11,320 feet.





I recommend doing this hike during August or early September (the area closes to car traffic into the trail heads on September 15, adding another four miles one way to the trail head). I wouldn't take this trail any earlier than early July as the snow melts late up there - expect to see patches of snow even in September. At this time the wildflowers are at their peak, and you can get some marvelous displays!!


I played with some black and white photos of trees and logs on the way up:


IMG_9586e1thA marmot stood sentinel on a rock, warning his harem of approaching humans.

















IMG_9657ethHere's the REAL reason I dragged my sorry arse up there so early in the morning. I'd actually done this hike three days prior to this, with my bestest hiking buddy Anna Banana. She always has to go "just around the corner" and she did at the lake... and came back saying that I might want to go a little further as there was a nice stand of flowers.


Oh! My! I love Indian Paintbrush, and I loved discovering the three colors (red, pink, white) that I've seen on this hike previously. But never all together like this. Just.... WOW.


IMG_9680e3thHowever not only was the light not the best (it was after midday when Anna Banana and I were there) and I also discovered that the camera settings I had struggled to get set right at the beginning of the hike hadn't "stayed" somehow. I really wanted Raw images of such a gorgeous scene. Our early morning hike was rewarded with lovely cloud patterns both over the mountains and across the sun, causing stripes of sun to fall across the mountains ahead. 





IMG_9912ethThe only disappointment of the day was that the wind was up right from before we started hiking. I was hoping for a calm early day with a lake surface like glass, but from a close perspective these choppy waves were also very interesting.











Another advantage of fall is that it is very likely that you will see moose from the trail, or around the Brainard Lake area. Even though these are used to people, they can be very dangerous animals and it's best to keep a very good distance. Here's a snapshot of one I took from the car as we drove past on our way home. There were a lot of other people, some only thirty or so feet away, taking photos, but I'd wrenched my knee a bit and decided to stay in the car - and in safety.



 And finally, we drove back through the town of Ward and stopped at their general store for coffee and cookies. They have the most delightful cookies baked daily.   I took the opportunity to take some shots of the new "art" in the broken window of the truck that forms a feature in the towns main "junk sculpture".





Mmmm, a totally blissful way to spend a morning. We were home for lunch and instead of sleeping in, we had a lovely afternoon nap!


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Keep in mind that these are available in a variety of sizes and prices, not just in the ones listed in my store.

















IMG_8484-5 panot4






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Lookout mountain panorama

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I'm honored that you folks from Social Strata might want to do your holiday cards through me again!


Here are some suggestions (and yeah you know me, I can't help but throw in a little quirk into the mix):


An Invitation lsw001t30opalescent gold thumbnail


cottonwood dawn card front


The Frost Tree thumbnail 5x7

 white whisper 20x30 thumbcbu020-021t30

If anyone else wants Christmas Cards, I do awesome sets of my frost cards! I've even made up little card-making sets for folks to make their own cards.


I can hunt for more photos as well - plenty more frost options if you wanted to repeat that theme.

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These photos are from Mills and Jewel Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park. It's about a five mile round trip hike of moderate difficulty.


I would definitely recommend that you do this hike at the end of September. I've done it at other times of the year and it's not nearly as spectacular without the gorgeous yellows and reds of the fall foliage.



Also interestingly I wouldn't recommend heading out too early on this hike. I've always done that before and never had this waterfall in great light. It's early on in the hike - we left the RMNP shuttle bus at the Glacier Gorge parking lot at about ten thirty, and the light was great on the falls!




If possible I'd also check out the weather patterns before coming up here. The ridge on the left is The Keyboard of the Winds, and the peak in the background is Meekers Peak, a 14-er that can be seen from my home. The thing is - last time I came here there was a high front over this area, which makes for great reflections usually with lake shots, but for some reason this lake has a lot of haze over it and a high pressure system just keeps the haze there. Even with a brisk breeze you can still see plenty of haze in this shot. This is the stream just below Mills Lake.




Jewel Lake is just above Mills Lake. I loved the pretty play of light in this shot.



A couple of shots of Mills Lake from the stream connecting the two lakes.





Finally - some aspen leaves swirling in a stream.


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Getting in some coastal time.



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One of my last mornings in CT.



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A seagull searches for food in the predawn light.

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I saw this barn. I slowed down excitedly. I stopped the car on the side of the road and stayed there for half an hour to take photographs.




OK, I'm going to the gym now because I'm just a tease. I'll post closer photos when I get back.


Alrighty - a hint - Lori you're looking too high (and I made that first photo unfairly small, I'll admit, but I love that you looked).




Gyminy spotted heem!




More photos of him tomorrow... and his sweet little girly groundhog too.

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This was taken with my "new" Fuji bridge camera  in the week before I sent it back for a refund. One of the things I hated was the way it presented colors, but I don't mind them too much in this shot.

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... I think I'm going to go visit them in the morning on my way to the beaver pond for some photography.



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Jaysus. 108 degrees here today. I stepped out of the air conditioning at work and melted into a tiny puddle on the pavement.


Here's a picture of a hot cat.



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