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I'm just writing this briefly for a friend who wants to know how to do dialogues here.

1. Right click on the LiveCloud name up on the top left of your screen. A drop down box will appear.

2. Click on "Your Dialogues". This will bring up all dialogues from the past on the screen, plus a menu on the side.

3. On the menu on the left hand side of the screen click on Dialogs. A drop down menu will appear beneath it.

4. Click on "Start Dialogue" A new screen will appear.

5. On the left hand menu you can select participants. A Dialogue can be with one or many people. If you click here you can select from your buddies to send a message. [Note: you cannot add new people to this conversation later]. Just click on the participants (will highlight them) and then on "Continue With Dialogue Creation"

6. This will bring you back to your message screen that opened in Step 4. Write a title and a message, add attachments if you want to, and click "Send".


Unfortunately, dialogue posts can only be monitored via email, not alerts, so any dialogues you receive will come right to your inbox.

Any other thoughts? I am sure there's plenty to say on other ways of communicating here.

[UPDATE: James pointed out the little person icon next to our usernames. Dialogues can also be reached that way (and then other peeps can be added to the conversation before it starts. Dialogues can also be reached through your Buddy list, which is available on the menu on the left hand side of most of these pages. Thanks James!]

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Livecloud has a number of privacy levels and to some extent they are customizable.

There are different levels of privacy on Livecloud:

    *     "World Accessible" - Fully public

    *     "Just Me" - Fully Private

    *     "Just Your Buddies" - everyone you've added as a buddy.

    *     "Certain Buddies" - These are advanced privacy levels. You have four levels to play with:

         - Friends

         - Business Associates

         - Close Friends

         - Family

Every post has an option (at the top while you are posting) for choosing which privacy level you want it to be at. If you make a post available only to "Certain Buddies" then a pop out box will appear with the four options in it.

The four levels of "Certain Buddies" can also be renamed. This can be accessed through "Control Panel" --> "Your Network Settings" (how to get to Control Panel is covered in a couple of my other posts).

When you are adding people as buddies (or editing buddies at a later date) you can choose which privacy level you want them to be able to view on your blog.


"Your Network Settings" has a check box where you can choose to show as always offline if you don't want people to be able to see when you are online. (You can also check to hide your birthday from everyone).

[UPDATE: Ted just helped me out with a couple of things:

On a one-off basis (as you are looking at someone's name), the easiest way to edit personal circles is to click on the "gingerbread man:" icon next to the person's name.  You'll get a popup like the one shown below.  Then click on the edit icon next to the current circles for the user, assuming they are already your buddy.

Also, when you add or accept a new buddy, you are always queried for how you want to label them (in terms of circles).
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Screen shot 2010-09-08 at 9.48.13 AM

Ted also made a great comment explaining how privacy levels can work.... the important point for me in what he said is that buddies can't see what levels you have assigned them to. That's good to know.

You never know how a buddy labels you (which circles they put you in, if any).  The circles are just a way for you to control what level of access to give each of your buddies.

For instance, let's say I add you as a buddy.  I don;t know you very well, so maybe I want to classify you as just an "acquaintaince" (or perhaps I don't put you in any circles).  So I put you in that buddy circle of mine.  Again, you have no idea whether or how I have classified you.

Then later that day I post a blog about a family reunion I attended, but I only want my close friends and family to see that post because it so personal.  When I create the blog post, I limit access to my Close Friends and Family buddy circles.    Since you are not in those buddy circles, you will never see it, or even know that I posted it. 

Let's say I get to know you better in the future and add you to my Close Friends circle.  Once I did that, you'd be able to see all content that I allowed my Close Friends to access.

Make sense?

You do not have to use circles at all.. but it is a convenient, powerful way to control your who your audience is each time. And you never offend anyone because only you know how you classify other people.

Sweet! Thank you so much Ted!]
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Profile Page: You probably entered a lot of this info when joining. However, you can do more here. Your zip code will reveal your location automatically - so you can  go in here and under "Displayed Location" you can enter whatever you want. Other profile information is added here too.

Your profile can be privatized through "Permissions" - to allow who (if anyone) can see this information. You can set the privacy level for most of your blog here too.

"Your Network Settings" has an option for hiding your birthday if you wish. Your birthdate year will never be displayed anyhow.

Where your profile will appear on your blog menu can be selected through "Personal Site Menu".

Can anyone think of anything to add about Profiles?
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[UPDATE: this way works to insert photographs, but there's a better way. It took me all this while to find it out... so for a better way to add photos to a blog entry, just click here.]

How to upload photos as clips:

  1. If you are currently on an individual entry, click the "All Blog Posts" button. It will be right underneath your banner on the left. If you are already on all your blog posts, just go to the next step. If you are on a different page entirely, go to the next step, and if what you need is not there, then check for the "All Blog Posts" button first.
  2. Look at the options listed at the right of the entry. Click the drop-down triangle next to "Clips".
  3. Click "add clips". A pop out window will come up.
  4. Choose "Upload files" and select them from your computer one by one.
  5. When they have all uploaded (the upload bar turns green) click "finished".
  6. Your pictures will show. You can edit the titles of them by clicking on the existing title, or clicking on "edit title/captions" and then on "update".
  7. On the "Review Clips to be Added page" (which you should already be on) you can choose privacy levels for these photos by clicking on the edit icon just under "Access Permissions for These Clips".
  8. Down at the bottom of the page click "Submit New Clips".

As far as I know for VIP users, you can upload full sized photos and keep them in your archive here. Not sure if there is a GB limit or if it turns them into thumbnails so others can't download your full sized photographs. I only upload low res thumbnails online so I don't run into any of these issues.

How to post photo clips in an entry:

  1. Open a new window for your blog entry.
  2. In a second window click "Clips" in the right hand menu.
  3. Click on the photograph you want.
  4. Right click on the photograph. Select "copy shortcut". [If "copy shortcut" isn't an option for you, then click on "properties" and select the whole url next to "url/address" (make sure you get the whole thing, often only the first two lines are displayed). Copy this.]
  5. Go back to the blog entry.
  6. From the toolbar above the post - choose "insert/edit image".
  7. In the pop up box, right click on the box next to "image url" and paste (ctrl+v or right click and choose "paste") to paste your image link.
  8. Fill in any title or image discription.
  9. Look at the top of the pop up box. There are two tabs: General and Appearance. Appearance will give you options for how large the image will display ("Dimensions") and where you want to display it within the text of your entry ("alignment" - for left/right/center etc.). You can set borders and space around the picture horizontally and vertically as well. The diagram on the side will give you some idea of how it is going to place on the page.
  10. Click "insert".

Presto! If you've kept your second window open (with the photograph in it) then you can press the "back" button in your browser to go back to your clips and repeat with any other photos you want to add to your post.

[UPDATE: You can also add photographs using flickr, and videos using Youtube. You can access this through your Control Panel submenu "Social Accounts". I haven't tried this yet, will update when I do.]

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